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Anatomy Of An Email Sales Pitch

Post Written by
Maja Mitov
Last modified on July 6th, 2020 at 11:47 am

Reading time: 5 minutes

In times of fast living, crazy advertising and product-overloaded market, as a sales representative you have to be on top of your game to succeed in drawing attention over the email. You can send a cold email (with no earlier connections or history between sender and receiver) and warm email (with a bit of a...

Shift encrypted data in DB

Post Written by
Ivan Dabić
Last modified on July 6th, 2020 at 11:50 am

Reading time: 4 minutes

I wanted to share interesting approach to storing sensitive data in DB where the same has to be encrypted and decrypted gracefully. I’d like to point out that there is a difference between sensitive data that needs to be stored for usage in plain form and sensitive data that needs no lain form presentation (passwords)....

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