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Our Team Focus

Customer Success

Our Customer Success teams (Tech Support & Sales) holds years of experience in understanding clients and focusing on clients needs rather on closing the deal and making the sale. Customer Success teams are trained on understanding the success mission and vision in order to make clients successful. Successful client makes Orange Cloud successful.


DevOPS team maintains network of servers and datacenters around the world. We configure, secure and deploy Cloud platform across the global grid. Teams under this umbrella are System Engineers, Network Engineers and NOC. Our client relies on us to hold the line on the front by keeping the all hands on the infrastructure.

Web Development

Web Development team is responsible for maintaining the large number of portals, control panels, core segments of our client's platform. If customer success teams are representing our client, our web development team closes the success cirlce by providing fully scalable interfaces for end users to control their experience.


Our teams share the energy and participate in evolvnig the culture of unity and knowledge sharing. As an outsourcing company we are in a situation to value our employees and cherish their contribution above the traditional relationship paradigm.

Orange Cloud is a team rather than a company. Our mission is to leave significant contribution in the Cloud industry, our focus is customer success and this postulate is applied every day.

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