Our support team has the customer success ingraved in it's core. Support team is trained from the first day and training continues throughout the engagement time window so we can proudly rely on their expertise developed in our quarters.

Total transparency

Our Support Team reviews are fully transparent. Orange Cloud uses custom made agent ranking system in accordance to the latest NPS standards.

Development & Projects

Support Team Engineers are encouraged to participate in Orange Cloud's projects which strenghten the brand and overall Team knowledge and synergy.


Orange Cloud ensures that every employee has the necessary equipment and software.

24/7 Support

Agents choose their shifts according to their preference and need which has proven to be an excellent strategy to support the entire world regardless of the product.


DevOPS team uses large number of tools to train, improve and engage employees on projects as we get them with a focus on maintaining the existing network and system base.


Orange Cloud's DevOPS Team allows individuals to progress in the areas they are most interested in by providing Team Leaders for Operating System and Network admins.

Local Environment & Learning

Every engineer needs a sandbox to play in, so Orange Cloud provides local data center for testing, learning and documenting.


In order to stay on top of every system that Orange Cloud manages, DevOPS team utilizes advanced tools such as: Nagios, New Relic, Panopta, Kentik, Pagerduty, OpsGenie


Sales team highly experienced in lead generation process as well as trained in spirit of revenue sales idea where marketing and sales are two pieces of the same puzzle.

The New Sales

We are walking hand by hand with our clients as our methods acknowledge two way selling process being a consultation rather than pure selling.

Datanyze everything

We are utilizing heavy sales artillery to deliver best results through constant data analyzing processes.

Knowledge Transfers

Not everything is on the ambition of one individual. Sales Team has frequent Knowledge Transfers to stay on top of latest technology and trends and to have flawless Team to Team communication.


Our teams share the energy and participate in overal shaping of culture so we suite it up for our convenience where productivity is aligned with it.

Tour de Serbia :) as we call our frequent road trips and retreats help everyone find a new inspiration and energy that would be invested in collective mission.

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