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Last modified on July 3rd, 2020 at 5:06 pm

Are you authoritative enough?

Let’s face it – Google dominates the digital advertising space real estate, and more and more businesses are turning away from other platforms in favor of Google Adwords (GA). And rightfully so, as Google puts great attention to detail when their marketing platform is concerned – anyone who ever read the Google Adwords guidelines or has taking the certification exam will notice that the platform itself has a good number of mechanisms in place that should ensure each advertiser has an equal chance on posting his or hers adds on Google’s Search Result pages (also known as SERPs – Search Engine Result Pages).

There’s an intricate bidding logic behind each ad auction, so that, at least in theory, even the smaller bidders can compete against larger players. Then again it’s this same bidding mechanism (or to be more precise, the factors the mechanism takes into consideration) that can affect your Cost per Click, if your domain is ‘young’. The following text assumes you have some basic understanding of how Google Adwords works and the underlying principles of online advertising.

Domain Authority

Simply put, Domain Authority (or DA for short) is a 100-point scale, created by the MOZ organization, that shows how ‘authoritative’ your domain is in its particular niche. Like good wine or whiskey, the longer a domain exists and the better your on-page content is (unique text, good number of quality inbound and outbound links, social shares etc.), the better are your chances to score a higher domain authority mark.

While not directly related to Google Adwords, websites with a higher DA have a better chance for a more favorable cost-per-click when running advertisements over the platform. This is particularly important for young websites (less than a year old), as getting a high CPC number might mean you burn down your budget too quick, without generating any palpable results.

All things said and done, you might look at DA as your website track record over time – if you take care of the website, try to post quality content, expand your network of readers and give them value for their interest, your DA will grow over time. Likewise, once you reach a certain score, the ranking becomes tougher and so must your efforts in making your website grow.

Page Authority

Similarly to DA, Page Authority (PA) is a 100-point scale that shows the quality of the individual page you’re benchmarking. Again, it’s an AI-backed algorithm that does the scoring however, since this time an individual page is measured vs. the whole root domain in DA, you have far greater chances to increase your page’s PA over a relatively short period.

This might sound strange, to focus more on PA than DA in the beginning, but think of the Google Adwords basics – where do your visitors land after clicking on your GA Ad? That’s right, on individual landing, and those landing pages are a perfect start for your PA efforts.

Again, landing pages with a higher PA imply that there’s some quality content on the page waiting for ad clickers, and the social signals (Facebook shares, Twitter tweets, Pinterest pins) show that unbiased readers support what you’re offering. Choosing the pages with a higher PA for your landing pages is a step in the right direction to decrease your Cost-per-click rates.


While Google Adwords gives you easy access to the worldwide digital market, we should not forget it’s still a business, and each business has its own rules. The rules governing Google Adwords are fashioned in a way that should create a level playing field where everyone, big or small, can compete for ad space.

The engine behind that simple complexity takes several factors into consideration during each ad auction, where the most important results are – what’s the cost per click you need to pay and where will your ad be show, if at all. While we can’t influence Google’s bidding mechanics directly, we can work on our advertising canvas – the website. The more care you put into it, the higher your PA and DA will be and they’ll grow over time. PA is a good way to start building your authority in the online world, by focusing on individual pages first (if you are a shoe manufacturer and excel in your dancing shoes versus all the other types, then start from those pages that describe your dance shoes).

It might look insignificant at first, but ask yourself how much money you must burn on Adwords without generating palpable results.

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